Programme Agenda

  • Governance & Livelihood
  • Smart Settlements & Urbanisation
  • Learning & Education
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Culture & Tourism
  • Climate & Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship & Outreach
  • Indic and NewsLab by Google
  • Digital Empowerment & Tools
  • Business & Commerce
  • Inclusion & Empowerment
  • Surlok Interactive Session
  • Google for Non Profits
    Access to free google tools
  • Make Heritage Fun
    Digital Engagement with Heritage
  • Frame Work of Presentation on Project Proposal
    Basic content for project prosal
  • IT Hardware Life Cycle Management Refursbhing and redeployment of assets
  • Digital Marketing Platforms Online market presence for Village Entrepreneurs, Farmers and SHG’s
  • Sexual Harassment at Workplace
    Law and preventive step
  • Access & Empowerment Inclusion to empowerment of persons with disability
  • Blindfold Photo Workshop
    Skills of taking pictures from a visually impaired man’s perspective
  • District Collector Session Interactive session with District Collectors of various states for strengthening the governance of the nation
  • Menstrual Health & She Cup Menstrual health & Hygiene
  • Travel the World for Free Tips for frugal traveling
  • Storytelling Stories of hopes, change and togetherness
  • CSR Session: Social Good or Petty Patronage A session on Cooperate Social Responsibility
  • Ensuring Food Security of Nation Price Support and Distribution food grains
  • Digital Postal Address Avoid monetary wastage due to Undeliveries
Join the fun & frolic by engaging in games and competitions
  • Urban-Organic Farming
    Create a rooftop of framing system
  • Methods to Reduce Carbon Footprint
    Let’s know our Carbon Footprint
  • Urban Poverty & Governance
    laws related to beggary
  • Women as Social Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurship skills
  • How to keep your child safe online Cyber Security
  • Cause Marketing and Fund raising The sales way for the NGOs
  • Culture as an asset Bangla Natak
  • Digital Storytelling Narrate a story via digital medium
  • Preservation & Restoration of Families Importance of families in today’s time
  • Social Media Bridging the gap for inclusivity
  • From Information to Action Creating awareness and social change
  • Access and Empowerment
It is a day-long event that would comprise Individual & Group performances; impromptu Jugalbandis; enriching Interactive Sessions with folk musicians on folk music.
To Create awareness among citizens about the key historic areas within Surajkund, Faridabad. Please feel free to join us.
  • Digital Tools and Responsible Tourism
    Digital tools for operational goals
  • Platform for Rural India
    Social media platform for Rural India
  • Importance of Career Development in Secondary Schools Planned career orientation framework
  • Crowdfunding Learn how to crowdfund your cause or initiative
  • Components of Social Development Skill training for youth, Rural Medical Healthcare
  • Successful Practices for Marketers Maximise your Return on Investment
  • Storytelling through Smart Phones Video through smart phones
  • Safer Cities for Women Issues of women safety
  • Urban Hamlet Touralism
  • Menstrual hygiene Breaking the silence

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