December 6, 2016

About Prayag

Prayag is the first ever Grand Digital Mela or Fare of people, practice and Innovation being held on the 25th of February on the vast grounds of Surajkund, Haryana.

Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in association with Government of India’s ‘Digital India Programme’ is the head honcho of Prayag and is all set to explore the utility of digital platforms in highlighting the traditional and diverse knowledge systems through Prayag.

It is a full day event bringing together individuals of diverse backgrounds helping to digitally empower the marginalized . Prayag will contain the essence of a Village Mela with folk musicians and Jhoolas along with workshops and interactive sessions. Hence, staging a completely new and incredible blend of the rural and the urban.

Internet is transforming our lives faster than we realize. However, almost 70% of rural and semi-urban India is still far from being connected. The world has shifted to digital mediums as the prime source for access to information in the past few years. Hence, not being connected implies total Information Poverty in the Information age.

Prayag with digital as the key component aims to address information poverty and drive change at the grassroots level.

We expect a footfall of more than 10,000 attendees comprising 7000 NGOs, 100 Educational Institutions, 3000 Innovators, 100 Folk Musicians, 200 Artisans, 1000 ICT Experts to converge and mark the Digital Movement in India!

So get ready to indulge in-

  • Entertainment (Folk Music Festival, Theatre, Puppet Show, Magic Show etc.)
  • Grassroots and Tribal wisdom
  • Invigorating Discussions
  • Enriching Networking
  • Unexplored India
  • Path-breaking Ideas and ICT innovations
  • Heritage of Oral Traditions
  • Revitalizing Un-conferenced workshops
  • Mega Exposition- 500+ stalls

The Manthan Awards, eNGO Challenge Awards, District Collector Digital Champions & CIRC Awards are being organised under the umbrella of ‘Prayag 2017’ as well.

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